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2 pc. Lamb Mold
2 pc. Lamb Mold Views:
2 pc. Lamb Mold
Code: 14002
Weight: 6.00 pounds

Price: $49.00

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This 2 piece Lamb Mold unit (front and back) is great for Easter or other holiday festivals. Teach your loved ones how to make a lamb mold cake before the holiday comes around.

Heavy duty quality molds. Dishwasher safe. For home and restaurant use. Instructions included with the unit on how to CURE your mold before you use it.

Approx. dimensions of Lamb Mold:
10 1/2" from ear to tail (cake part you would eat). Mold is about 12" total length, approx. 7" tall, and 4 1/2" from back of head to tip of nose.

Baking Instructions:
Bake your lamb mold at 360 degrees F for about 27 min., remove cover gently to check if done. When you are sure your cake is baked remove from oven and set aside. Do not remove top at this time. This will let the cake steam in the mold and make it easier to remove the cake. Let cool until you can handle the mold with your bare hands so not to burn yourself. When you remove the cover gently work the ears loose. With a knife scrap along the bottom of the mold this is usually were the cake will stick.

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